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2019-04-20 Datr Zuril. m57589 doesn't exist, so no need to disable.
2019-04-20 Ja4444 Datr: m57580 needs disabling, thanks
2019-04-20 Datr Zuril: m57589 needs disabling.
2019-04-07 Datr Zuril :m69991 needs disabling.
2019-03-27 Toroksm Zuril: t105855 needs cutting after white's 8th move or disabling, please see the comments.
2019-03-26 Datr Zuril: The en passant flag is confusing to some new players, they don't understand that it means "The last move was f7-f5" especially in 5he cases where an enpassant capture isn't possible.

I think changing 'the flag from "en passant f6" to "The last move was f7-f5" might make the flag easier to understand.
2019-03-05 Datr Zuril please see comment t113612, some players RD increased by 30 in one day.
2019-02-14 Datr Zuril: t10955 needs disabling.
2018-12-17 Zuril Problems reported disabled. Thanks Datr, Percevan and Toroksm for your help.
2018-12-17 Zuril Hi. I've deleted Msavrans and Upunks accounts as they requested
2018-12-09 Datr Zuril: t109924 needs disabling. Posted on the Wall.
2018-12-01 Datr Zuril: t103833 needs disabling.
2018-08-30 Kingsgame ROFLMFAO???WTF??ASL???BATF???
2018-08-07 Percevan Zuril: Please disable t99799. Look at it and you see why.
2018-07-06 Toroksm Zuril: I had also requested earlier essentially the same as Datr, please see this forum post:
2018-06-12 Datr Zuril I am currently using my tablet to solve problems. The problem I have is when I drag a piece up the board the whole page also drags, so this makes it difficult to move pieces. Is it possible to stop the page moving? Some sites have a piece move option 'drag and drop or click on the start square and the destination square. The second option would solve the problem on my tablet.
2018-05-31 Datr Zuril: Please disable t122205.
2018-05-14 Toroksm Zuril: Please disable m32723.
2018-05-13 Paparazzo95 why does the system keep throwing me back into the limbo of the inactive players? I do prefer to play many problems in the practice section rather than in the ELO section, but still my ELO problems are quite a few more than 10 per months. Has something changed over the past couple of months?
2018-05-07 Zuril Disabled: m50624, t71856, t94969, m63512, m83669. Thanks for reporting it.
2018-05-07 Toroksm Zuril: Please disable m83669.
2018-05-03 Toroksm Zuril: Please disable m63512.
2018-04-28 Datr I find these long problems useful, I have also noticed that there are often many almost equivalent defensive lines, I don't see this as a problem, what it does mean is one can't possible see all the moves from start to finish, but can play the problem on a move by move basis, which I do find useful. It becomes a problem when the attacking side has moves of a similar evaluation especially when the best move is totally missed by the engine. Every move on the attacking side should, ideally be significantly better than all other moves, but I do find "There is a better move" a reasonable compromise in most cases. It is interesting to note that you both thought Qxa7 was a better move, even though you couldn't see the full line to mate. I think this site develops this type of "vision" which of course is very useful OTB.
2018-04-28 Toroksm You are right Datr, the real issue is indeed that Qxa7 did not even fall in the 'There is a better move' category.
But still, should a tactics problem continue, when there are some moves so close in evaluation, that even the engine may miss which is the best one? The difference here was a mate in 17 vs. a mate in 18, according to Paprazzo95 and Stockfish 8. Is this the real intention to require this kind of exactitude as a "minor" part of a tactics problem? Just to compare: number of required moves in mate problems do not go over 4, and sometimes those mate problems are still not easy.
By the way, you mentioned time: Is the time given for "creating" a problem proportional to the required number of moves?
2018-04-27 Datr I agree t94969 needs disabling.

I don't think the fault lies in the number of move I think it lies in the fact that it mis-evaluated 9. Qxa7, this is probably to do with the time the algorithm has to "create" a problem, given more time it probably would,'t have made this error. My Stockfish 8 had to be shown the move 9. Qxa7, it didn't consider it initially, eventually it does see it as the best move.
2018-04-27 Toroksm Zuril: t94969 needs disabling.
How is the required move number determined for a correct solution? This problem could have been really good, if it had not required 10 moves, but 8 instead. An error was discovered in the 9th move (see the comments to the problem). In most cases, the number of the required moves are determined correctly, providing a good experience in general to solve problems. But there are some rare exceptions, including this one. That's why I'm curious about it. I guess there is an algorithm that decides deterministically, based on the computer evaluations of the possible moves, but maybe some tuning of that algorithm would eliminate errors like this.
2018-04-26 Toroksm Zuril: t71856 needs disabling
2018-04-24 Datr Zuril: Please read comments attached to t50818. Also please could you clarify, has Gary been banned once or more times.
2018-04-24 Datr Zuril m50624 needs disabling
2018-04-23 Mabor I hope you are jocking :-D
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